Companies Doing Machine Learning in Toronto

Here’s a by-no-means-comprehensive list of companies doing machine learning in Toronto. If you are looking for a position, check out their website and see if there’s anything posted. If you’d like me to add your company, drop me a line!

500pxUses AI/ML to analyze, explore, and understand their collection of over 100M photos. Applications range from object recognition and tag auto-suggestion, to predictive models for qualitative features such as 'beauty' or 'sellability'
BlueDotApplying data science to understand how infectious diseases spread throughout the world.
Deep GenomicsGenomic medicine will be the next frontier where machine learning can have a major impact.
Figure1Some of the current and future ML initiatives of Figure 1 are feed curation, user and case classification, text analysis, and case recommendation.
integrate.aiAI-powered enterprise SaaS company focused on making the interactions between big businesses and consumers more natural and valuable.
KindredBuilding machines with human-like intelligence.
KoboApplying machine learning to eReading and bookselling.
Layer 6Deep Learning for the enterprise offering recommendation services and predictive modelling via a SaaS platform.
Loblaw DigitalThe Data Science team exercises big data and machine learning, focusing on personalized e-commerce experience.
MetaUses numerous ML techniques to surface important insights buried within the world's full-text scientific articles.
Paytm LabsBalance prediction for digital wallets, user recommendations and merchandiser scoring for the market place.
ShopifyUse ML to power commerce. At Shopify we take on the hard problems that make an entrepreneur's life easier.
Street Contxt
WhirlscapeNatural language understanding to predict emoji, stickers, and GIFs.