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For you, and for me, too.

For int’l women’s day, for me, and for those who may take comfort in it.
(March 8th, 2023)

Creative Non-fiction

A Last Remembrance

Her time to step down and stand up.
(February 2022)

Ancient Fantasy
8-10 minutes

Genesis III

A story that might need some rewriting.
(November 2021)

Genre Undefined, Recreated.
4-8 minutes


SciFi? Satire? Entertaining horror? And a bit too on the nose. Trunk, I mean.
(October 2021)

SciFi mostly
8-10 minutes


A burning man childhood story
(September 2021)

Genre undefined
15-20 minutes


About a dog and a girl.
(July 2021)

Creative non-fiction
6-8 minutes

The Vote

Gods, they are obnoxious.
(June 2021)

Comedy, with the Greek Gods and other favourites.
7-9 minutes


Another way to see her story
(May 2021)

Myth, retold, reconstructed, reclaimed.
15-20 minutes

Our Blessed Town

A priest and a quaint child walk into a strange town…
(April 2021)

Mystery, suspenseful.
8-10 minutes

A Story of Tak

A bard and his strange companion.
(March 2021)

Fantasy, playful.
12-17 minutes

The Final Comeback

And did they die happily ever after?
(January, 2021)

8-10 minutes

Cat’s Life

A Covid-19 witch story.
(December, 2020)

6-8 minutes

Remember Us to Life

Procreating Reality
(November, 2020)

sci-fi, dystopian.
8-10 minutes

Magic, Indistinguishable

A utopian future is not for everyone
(October, 2020)

2-4 minutes

Cease and Desist

Turning 42
(September, 2020)

A contemporary ghost-story.
8-10 minutes

Paintings by Aidan Crosbie. Photography by Na’ama Landau or by me.